Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Japan Photo Diary - Day 4 (Hokkaido)


Culottes: ASOS
Cardigan: unbranded (American Eagle similar + John Lewis similar + River Island similar)
Backpack: Boohoo (Debenhams similar)
Sneakers: unbranded (Converse similar + Missguided similar + Vans similar)

Hokkaido was slightly more chilly than Osaka or Kyoto, especially after it's been raining - which explains the grey cardigan that's not too thick and not too thin...it's jusssssst right (Goldilocks reference there, hahah). These ASOS culottes are the more comfiest things as they're so lightweight and baggy, but in a good way, that it feels like you're not wearing anything...but of course, you are. Culottes are my absolute favourite bottoms because they look like a skirt but protect your dignity as well. Also helps that these are in a gorgeous teal colour. My life mission (well, one of them) is to collect these ASOS culottes in every single colour and print, because there are some seriously cool ones. And as usual, I paired it with a simple basic navy blue crop top because let's keep it simple people (I should become a poet).

Day 4

  Took a super duper early morning 40 minutes flight from Osaka to Hokkaido and the air was definitely chillier - around 25 degrees Celsius? Spent the day wandering around the city of Hokkaido and familiarising ourselves with the place. It was much more quiet and less busy than Osaka was, with even more bikes. What I think was really cool about the city was that apart from a bus or subway, there was also a tram that brings you around the city for a relatively cheap price. 

  Also, we spent an hour (no joke) trying to find this ramen place that was supposed to be the best in Hokkaido. We ended up going in circles for ages because it turns out that the tiny restaurant was in a little alleyway so...don't forget to explore the little spaces on the streets of Japan because that's where all the good stuff usually are, hidden away. Stores, especially restaurants, in Japan tend to be on the smaller scale so keep those eyes open! Anyway, the ramen turned out to be quite pricey, around 900 Yen (US$8.60) and since I'm not a ramen expert/enthusiast, I can't really comment on how good it is compared to other ramen... :P

  Another thing that is great about Japan is that they have tons of underground 'malls' i.e shops that are underground and at subway stations. So you can do some shopping whilst waiting for your train or just walk around. As a result, I bought my very first pair of boots (pictured below)! I love the detailing and I can't wait to wear it when I go to the UK where it'll be much much cooler! :D Ohhhh also, I heard that Japan was the land of weirdly-flavoured kit kats but during my entire trip there, the only 'out there' flavours I could find was green tea, dark chocolate, fried kit kat and strawberry :'(

Catch up on Day 1&2 (Kyoto) and Day 3 (Osaka) whilst you have a nice dayyyy (:

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Life's Snapshots #14

  Another round up of a fortnight of InstaSnaps! The last two weeks has been a blast, hanging out with friends, movies, lunches, night outs...although the sad thing is that there were a few goodbyes amongst friends that were leaving early to University! :'( I also had an impromptu weekend getaway to the beach with my dad (as you will see from the snaps below) and it was great just kicking back and relax. 

  Also, if you followed me on Instagram, you would know that I cut my hair! It's the shortest it has been for over a decade and I thought long and hard about this decision! However, although I do sometimes miss my long hair, I do kinda like this shorter hair do. Quicker shampooing and hair drying times, no fuss styling and being in a country with a tropical climate, it's just a lot cooler! This is me embracing the short hair crew.

  On another note, I leave to the UK in about a month for university!!!! :O :O :O Pretty damn excited.

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Ice cream fondue to say goodbye to my good friend Leo // Picnics under the moonlight is always a good idea // Nothing beats milo pops for breakfast

Feeling like a bit of Keith Haring (get the top here) // This yummy thang // A coffee a day keeps one awake

Could get use to this view everyday // Chillin' with the palm trees behind me // Early morning by the sea

The view from where I sit // Bye bye beach, till next time // Triple cookie threat, yum

"It's only oblivion" // Tuesday nights are ladies nights with the bestest people // Tea time with a decade worth of friendship <3

Hair = chopped!!! // This bootyful peach booty

Hope you guys have a great week ahead of youuuuu!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Japan Photo Diary - Day 3 (Osaka)


Dress - eBay
Sunglasses - eBay
Backpack - Boohoo (Debenhams similar)
Sneakers: unbranded (Converse similar + Missguided similar + Vans similar)

With Japan being extremely hot this time of year, what better way to travel than a simple shift dress with cut out shoulders and butterfly sleeves (as I like to call it) to give it a little bit of flair. One of my favourite eBay purchases for sure! Also, that Boohoo backpack was only a mer£4!! A bargain if you ask me.

Day 3

That day was spent wandering around Osaka and going to some notable tourist attractions. First stop was Kuromon Market which is basically a long alleyway with tons of stalls and small restaurants on either side selling things ranging from fresh seafood, sushi, fruits and flowers. The busy atmosphere of the market in the early mornings is one that you can't miss!

  Then, we took the subway to Osaka Palace which was situated in the center of a huge park and thus, required a little quite a bit of walking. This was of course made bearable with snow cones (they weren't that great to be honest), ice cream and the natural view in the park. Osaka Palace was once well, a palace that has been built and rebuilt during times of war. As of today, the palace has been converted into an interactive museum about the castle history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the guy that unified Japan. If you climb all the way to the very top, you get an amazing view of the city!

If you've missed Day 1&2, don't forget to catch up!

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